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Tour Performance Reports are Now Available!!

To all of our current and future clients: We now have the ability to send you automatically on a weekly or monthly basis a performance report showing how many views your tour has had in the given time period. This report will be a great way for you to see not only how many hits your tour has but WHERE they are coming from and how effective video advertising is. Here is a sample performance report. Look for them in your email box in the very near future!! Click here to see a sample!!


  • Add a QR Code to your signs for drive-by tours
    You will need a QR Scanner App on your Smart Phone to view
  • Inbound links from to your website
  • Increase Search Engine exposure by having your listings also listed here

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Buyers Like Video

Video walk-thru tours are a hit with buyers because it allows them to be more efficient with their time.

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Sellers Like Video

Sellers know that if they have a video walk-thru tour on the internet, those who do come to the home ARE SERIOUS.

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Internet Search Engines Like Video

When representing the seller, one of the most important job of a real estate agent is to get exposure for the listing.

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