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Why Video?

Good question and there is an easy answer. WEB TRAFFIC and LEADS. What can be more important to a Realtor?... beside price. Read on!!

  • "Video Tells The Story"......National Association of Realtors
  • "Video is demonstrating itself as the most powerful tool for agents, brokers, and firms to establish their brand and win new business."
  • "Video Watching Outranks Most online activities"......Pew Internet
  • "In one month, 14.8 BILLION videos were viewed"......Comscore
  •   YouTube and GOOGLE make up approximately 50% of the traffic alone.
  • "9 out of 10 home buyers use the internet for their home searching and on average, only view 12 homes!"......National Association of Realtors

Consumers like video. It's that simple.

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Buyers use the internet to their advantage and now you can too. can help you get out in front of the competition and get the internet working for you. Our videos tours link back to you, so you get more leads.

Video is THE #1 Tool that Offers You a Competitive Advantage, Generates Web Traffic and Ultimately Leads

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What Our Clients Say About Our Tours...

"It is THE hottest marketing tool available..."      Sal Bagarozza

 "Looks great,... flows nicely and the local area images add nicely to the video"
Bob Nunn

" By far the best marketing dollars I have ever spent... increased showings almost immediately. Tour-this is professional, affordable... and IT WORKS! The future of real estate marketing is here!"     Amanda L. Don

"John was great to work with- A true Professional and being an Agent- he knew just what was needed!"

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John DiStefano ( Real Estate Media in Bayville, NJ

Buyers Like Video

Video walk-thru tours are a hit with buyers because it allows them to be more efficient with their time.

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Sellers Like Video

Sellers know that if they have a video walk-thru tour on the internet, those who do come to the home ARE SERIOUS.

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Internet Search Engines Like Video

When representing the seller, one of the most important job of a real estate agent is to get exposure for the listing.

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